come and experience
The "Awaken~The Divine You"® Program

A series of practical workshops for anyone & everyone from all backgrounds, religions, races, faiths and walks of life.
...experience your life transformation towards self discovery, self mastery, personal empowerment and success in life.
If You Can Honestly Ask These Questions:
  • DO YOU KNOW WHO and WHAT YOU ARE actually, besides just a human being in human body and mind?
  • Have you ever experienced and felt your true self - the soul within you?
  • Do you know how that feels and all its benefits / miracles? Why are you on
    Planet Earth (Gaia) this lifetime and what is your purpose here?
  • Are you aware of the evolution happening at this present time to Earth and humanity?
  • Why does time seem to fly so fast, yet our clocks and watches seem to be ticking away as per normal?
  • Have you realized your own personal self-powers and potentials lying untapped deep
    within you ~ waiting to be discovered?
  • How can you further improve/increase in all levels of your life ~ health, wealth, career, relationships, happiness, love, prosperity, clarity, inner-peace, security, bliss,
healing, freedom, positivity and lots more?
  • How to drastically or completely stop many of your sufferings, pains, fears, doubts, anxieties, worries, stress, loneliness, confusion, procrastination, depression,
loss of focus, negativity...?
... then this workshop may be the next step in your conscious ascension!